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12:37, 2013-Jan-9
Bonk My Chinese 03 Nov 2011 Real Amateur Chinese Porn "I'm in the mood for Chinese..How about you?" - Photo Courtesy of Bonk My Chinese I have looked over a lot of Asian porn in my lifetime. In fact, you coul probably say that I have seen copious amounts of Asian porn. But today I found something a little different than my usual fare. I found a site called Bonk My Chinese. When I found Bonk My Chinese I was expecting it to be just another Asian site. I expected to see your ordinary run of the mill porn stars in well rehearsed scenes. In other words, what you can find on just about every other site. Well, I was wrong. This site far transcended my expectations. It was much more. The first thing that made this site different from the rest is porn watch the fact that all of the ladies are Chinese. On a lot of sites, even sites that proclaim to only have Chinese babes, the women are actually of Japanese descent that they try to pass off as Chinese. Not so with this site. These ladies are the real deal. Another thing that makes this site somewhat special is that it is all amateur teen Chinese babes. Yes, no professionals on this site. These ladies didn't intentionally land in porn. These are user submitted videos and pictures of actual girls showing off their hot bodies or doing some very nasty things. That means that you are getting access to real life ladies who are a little bit on the wild side and are not doing scenes just to be earning a paycheck. The last thing that really impressed me about this site is that the action is pretty fucking steamy. What can you expect to see from the ladies on this site? Well, let me tell you. These chicks are willing to do everything from showing their beautiful tits and hairy pussies to engaging in a little girl on girl loving with their girlfriends. And the fact that they are doing it for their own pleasure and not because they have a contract with a studio makes it all that much hotter. After visiting this site I think that I will be spending a considerable amount of time there. After all, you don't get to see an Asian porn site that has real teen chicks of actual Chinese descent performing in unedited and unadulterated action. And it is content from a lot of different girls from all over Asia. This site has really made me happy and I think it will do the same for you. So the next time you are looking for an Asian porn site that is more than the sum of its parts, then you might want to consider checking out Bonk My Chinese. While the name might not be the best in the world, I think that you will find the action to be engaging. It gave me something that I can be really proud of, a big hard woody. Until next time porn readers, be safe out there and remember that Chinese babes do it better.
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